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Foam Roller 101

Sitting around your house with nothing to do? Lets try some foam rolling! This is one of my favorite self care options for handling soreness and tightness in large muscle groups.

As with any therapy ask your doc if this therapy may be helpful for you!

Search around for sore areas in the muscle you are rolling, when you find a good sore spot hold pressure on it for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Due to COVID19 we will no longer be able to provide any treatments at the office. Luckily it's 2020 and we will be able to provide some help via the internet! We have a few options that can help you! You can self book these treatments via our website.

Online Exercise Prescription Online exercise prescription is a convenient way to manage painful problems with muscles, joints, and nerves without leaving the privacy of your home! On your first visit prescribe dietary changes, specific corrective exercises, and stretches to help you improve! Your progress will then be monitored periodically to progress your exercise program as you get stronger!

Workstation Ergonomic Assessment! This will include an individualized assessment of your home or office workstation to help you work with better posture and ergonomics to avoid injury.

My wife Hollie Barrington is also a health coach and has access to a large library of online exercise programs ranging from traditional weight lifting to ballerina type stuff that can all be done in the privacy of your own home. These programs come with nutrition programs and accountability. She also has a 2 week free trial that y’all can ask her about. 👍🏻 Check out her page at

We look forward to providing top notch chiro care!

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