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     John Barrington, graduated from Louisiana State University of Shreveport with a bachelors degree in cellular and molecular biology in 2008. He then continued his post graduate education attending chiropractic school at Parker University in Dallas, Texas. In 2012 he graduated the doctor of chiropractic program cum laude. While in chiropractic school he completed the Chiropractic Clinical Neurology Certificate from Parker University which included over 100 hours of additional clinical neurology training. He also had the honor of serving veterans during his rotation at the Dallas VA Medical Center. He is always proud to serve those who have given so much for their country. 

     John Barrington is an active member of Brookwood Baptist Church. As a christian he feels that all people should be treated with love and respect. He strives to put the needs of others above his own to reflect the love of Jesus. 

     He is a proud member of the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), Chiropractic Association of Louisiana (CAL), and Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance (FTCA). 

     He believes that every doctor has a duty to commit to life long learning to better serve their patients and has completed a number of additional certifications. He is a FAKTR certified provider, concussion health certified provider, Interactive Metronome certified provider, certified in dry needling, and has completed the 100 hour Chiropractic Clinical Neurology Certification from Parker University. 

     He also works for Genex Services as a initial clinical reviewer in his spare time. This keeps him up to date on the newest research and guidelines for medical care from chiropractic to orthopedics. 

     He has a lovely wife of 10 years Hollie Barrington and a house full of boys Moses and Ezekiel. Hollie and John are certified foster parents and feel called to help children in need. While not at work Dr. Barrington enjoys wood working, playing soccer, and helping with the youth group at Brookwood Baptist Church. He is strong in his faith and strives to live a life that glorifies Jesus above all else.

     He is licensed in Puerto Rico, Texas, and Louisiana and has passed Part I, II, III, IV, and physiotherapy national board exams. 

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